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Harwi radial saws - also known as crosscut saws - are known for their excellent performance. The models are very robust, have a high cutting quality and have proven themselves time and time again over the years. Various different sectors work sustainably and ergonomically with Harwi radial saws such as the Harwi Multimatic and the Harwi 625-H.

Suitable for various material applications

Harwi radial saws are highly suitable for cross-cutting or mitre cutting wooden beams and sheet material. The line consists of various models, each with their own specific characteristics and purposes. Each Harwi model is suitable for industrial sawing. The various types of Harwi industrial radial saws have different properties for specific needs.

Discover the various models for mitre cutting

If you would like to mitre cut as well as cross-cut, the Harwi 625-U will be a fitting solution. With the Harwi 450-W radial saw, you can perform both mitre and double-mitre cuts, with the advantage that you can always maintain the zero point due to the combined length measuring system. Click the various models for more information and also have a look at our vertical saws and circular saws. Want to know more? Be sure to contact us. We will be happy to help you with advice free of obligation.