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Harwi vertical panel saws are known for their stability and excellent performance. The machines are designed for precise horizontal and vertical sawing through ergonomic and user-friendly operation. Your operators can work safely and efficiently with any type of Harwi vertical panel saw.

Vertical panel saws with unique frame structure

The machines have a unique frame structure welded out of a single piece. This makes the vertical sawing machines very sturdy and stable. Harwi panel saws allow you to flexibly process a variety of sheet materials, from light to heavy. Each panel saw also has an Automatic moving backpanel, which gives the machines a long service life.

Discover the diversity in models such as the Harwi Ultra and Harwi Orca

Have a look at the various models of panel saws to decide which one best suits your business and industrial applications. One example is the Harwi Ultra, our most complete sawing machine with the extensive extraction system for a dust-free working environment. Other examples are the Harwi Orca for the same precision work as the Ultra and the Harwi Piranha for light and flexible sawing work. For more industrial solutions, have a look at our radial sawing machines and circular sawing machines. Want to know more? Be sure to contact us. We will be happy to help you with advice free of obligation.