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Length measuring system

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Harwi Quickstop

Tired of imprecise measurements leading to wasted wood and frustrating cuts? Say goodbye to guesswork with the Harwi Quickstop, a length measurement system designed to streamline your woodworking experience. Crafted with precision and ease of use in mind, the Harwi Quickstop attaches seamlessly to your radial arm saw, transforming it into a cutting powerhouse.

With its intuitive interface and (digital) control, you can effortlessly input your desired measurements and watch as the Harwi Quickstop guides your cuts with pinpoint accuracy.

Increase your productivity with the Harwi Quickstop

Experience a significant boost in productivity as the Harwi Quickstop eliminates the need for manual measurement adjustments, allowing you to focus more on the creative aspect of your projects. No more wasted time on trial-and-error setups – with the Harwi Quickstop, each cut is precise and efficient.

Upgrade your woodworking game today with the Harwi Quickstop and unlock a new level of precision, safety, and productivity in your workshop.

7" Touchscreen operation

Cutting list (10 positions)

Retract function

Available in several models

The Quickstop is available in a version with a stroke of 4750 mm or 6550 mm on both the right and left of the sawing machine. Including output tables.


  • 7" Touchscreen operation
  • Removable length stop
  • Zero point compensation
  • Retract function
  • Cutting list (10 positions)
  • Barcode software (only with 7" Touchscreen)